We are excited to invite professional photographers to hold photography sessions on our beautiful tree farm!

We have limited availability for our 2022 season, so please read through our FAQ below and then click “BOOK NOW” to view our available dates. The charge is $25 per session that you photograph (i.e. per family).  Each session then qualifies for a $20 coupon that will be emailed directly to your clients.  We keep the process simple with online payments ($25 due at checkout in order to save your session date).  Our goal is to make the process simple for you to be able to book your photography sessions at our tree farm!


Please read through our FAQ below prior to booking!


How much do you charge in order to use your tree farm for photography?

-We charge $25 per session that you photograph. A “session” is considered one group of your clients, such as a family.  For example, if you are photographing 6 different families and 4 different couples on the day that you book our farm, you would pay $250 for your sessions that day.

Do my clients get anything in return for the $25 charge for their session?

-Yes!  We will email them a $20 coupon to be used on a Christmas tree at our farm for the 2022 season!  We’re all about spreading some Christmas cheer!

How will the $20 coupon be emailed to my client?

-Within a few business days prior to your scheduled session day, you (the photographer) will receive an email from us asking you to confirm the number of sessions (i.e. families) you will be having as well as asking you to send us one email address per family for us to email the coupon to.  We’ll email the coupons to your clients within 1 business day of their photography session.  It’s as simple as giving us their email address (which are ONLY used for emailing the coupon, no spam)!

What if my client didn’t get their $20 coupon in their email?

-Please have your client check their junk folder in their email and then give them our email address (tree@ctreefarm.com).  We’ll handle it from there so that you can just focus on photography!

Can you save my date before I make a payment online? How will I pay for the sessions that I hold on my reserved date?

-Unfortunately, we cannot save your date without an online payment. It costs $25 to reserve your date.  This $25 booking fee is non-refundable (although transferable if bad weather occurs), but counts towards the first session that you hold on the reserved day. A few days prior to your reserved date we will send you an email to ask for a total session count as well as an email address for each session. We will then send you an invoice via email with the total owed.  This will need paid prior to your reserved date!  For example, if you have 10 sessions on your reserved date, you will receive a $225 invoice (10 sessions at $25 per session= $250. $250-$25 initial fee to reserve date= $225) that will need paid prior to your reserved date. The client number will have to be finalized the DAY BEFORE your reserved date. No refunds will be available the day of your reserved date or after.

Is there a limit on how many sessions I can book per day?

-There is no limit!  You are welcome to book a day to photograph only 4 sessions or photograph 40 sessions! You are choosing your date for the entire day and then paying per session.

Am I able to book multiple days?

-Yes! The original booking fee to reserve your date is $25 and is non-refundable (although transferable if bad weather occurs), so be sure to schedule your clients sessions on the days that you reserve!

What happens if the day I booked has terrible weather and I’m not able to hold my photography sessions?

-We can help you get rescheduled! We will be flexible with bad weather days and work personally with you to find another day that works. We’ll make sure you’re taken care of! Just email us (tree@ctreefarm.com) at a minimum of the day before your booked session day in order to work out a day to reschedule.

Do I have to let you know what time my sessions will start and end?

-Don’t worry about letting us know the times! We try to keep the process simple and only book a certain number of photographers per day so that you don’t have to worry if your sessions go over a certain time or if you need to adjust your start and end times due to bad weather. 

Will you have any staff members around the tree farm to answer my questions?

-We will have staff members around the tree farm that will be somewhat available to answer questions. Our staff will be doing other tasks but will be happy to help you out with any questions if needed. If you're not able to find a staff member, please send an email or Facebook message as we will receive notifications when a message comes through.

Do I need to check in with tree farm staff when I get to the farm before beginning my sessions?

There’s no need to check in with staff members. Staff will be monitoring photographers and number of clients from a distance while doing other tasks. We just ask that you be respectful of other photographer’s space on the farm.

Will someone be monitoring the number of clients coming for my sessions?

We WILL have staff monitoring the number of clients coming for your sessions from a distance- no need to have clients check in with us. We unfortunately have had issues with photographers in the past being dishonest about the number of sessions they were holding and had been taking advantage of our laidback photography system.  If we do find that you are holding more client sessions than what you paid for we will unfortunately have to ask you to leave and forfeit any future sessions with our tree farm, regardless of having the sessions booked or not.  We want to be able to share our tree farm’s beauty with as many people as we can and don’t want to make the process difficult for our photographers, so please be honorable in your session counts so that we can continue to offer this service! ☺ 

Where should my clients and I park?

-We ask that the ONLY place you park is the parking along Wise Road by the brown barn.  You’ll see “PARK HERE” signs along that road. We know that it may be a bit of a walk to where you would like to set up your photo shoots, but we need to be respectful to the local traffic driving on the road. If you have clients that need special assistance please email us at tree@ctreefarm.com so that we can assist you with alternate options. 

Can I come some day before my scheduled session to find a good spot on the farm for my sessions?

-You are welcome to come as early as the sun is up on the DAY OF your scheduled session to scout out a good spot! Please do not come to the farm on a previous day.  There may be more photographers than just you on the day of your session, so even if you did scout out a good spot, it may not be available on your scheduled day.

How many other photographers will be there on the day that I book?

-This year we are scheduling 4 photographers per available day.  Each year we evaluate our farm to see how many photographers we could have at one time in order for each photographer to have a beautiful space as well as have enough room between them and the next photographer.  This year we will have space for 4 photographers at the same time comfortably! 

Do you have a suggestion on a good place for photo sessions on the tree farm?

-This year we have identified 4 places that would make for some gorgeous tree farm photos! You are welcome to use any place with Christmas trees on the farm, but if you would like to know the 4 places we identified as ideal for photographers, shoot us an email at tree@ctreefarm.com after booking!

Where are we allowed to go on the tree farm? Is anywhere off limits?

-Our general rule of thumb is that if there are Christmas trees around, you are welcome to take photos there! There are a few houses nestled on the tree farm property and we do ask that you be respectful of their space, especially as some of these houses are not associated with the tree farm.

Are we able to use any farming equipment as props?

-You are NOT allowed to use farming equipment as props. This includes tractors, wagons, trailers, etc. We do not have insurance policies that are adequate for having non-staff members on any equipment. We want to keep you and your client’s safety first!

Can I bring props to use? Can I drive my vehicle into the fields to drop off these props?

-Yes, you may use props! We’ve had photographers use couches, signs, chairs, etc. We love the creativeness of our photographers! However, please do NOT drive any vehicle into our fields. Vehicles can easily cause damage to our trees and create ruts in the field, or even get stuck in the wet ground! Make sure you plan your props according to having to carry them by hand in and out of the fields.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to email us at tree@ctreefarm.com.

Thank you for your interest in photographing your sessions at Cypher’s Tree Farm!