• Make a fresh cut (1/4″ – 1/2″) off the bottom of your tree no more than 24 hours before you put it in water. A coarse saw is best. Do not use a Sawzall. Between its small teeth and the heat it creates, it tends to make the sap seal off where the tree drinks. 
  • The tree will drink lots of water for the first few days. Water it often.
  • There are several recipes that say they help a tree last longer, but the best thing for your tree is to never let it run out of water. Without water, the sap will harden quickly and the tree will stop drinking.
    • The tree will use less water each day. Slowly the sap will harden and slow the xylem from drinking. 
    • Keep it away from heaters, fireplaces, and other things that will dry the tree out faster.  
  • Remove your tree before it becomes dry. A dry tree is a fire hazard.
  • A properly cared for tree should last 3 – 6+ weeks.