• Take a fresh cut (1/2″ – 1″) off the bottom of your tree just before you put it in water. A coarse saw is best. Do not use a Sawzall. Between it’s small teeth and the heat it creates, it tends to make the sap seal off the xylem, where the tree drinks.

• There are several recipes that say they help a tree last longer, but the best thing for your tree is to never let it run out of water. Without water the sap will harden quickly and the tree will stop drinking.
• The tree will use less water each day. Slowly the sap will harden and slow the xylem from drinking.
• Keep it way from heaters, fireplaces and other things that will dry the tree out faster.



Store tree in a cool, shady area.
Keep ball moist.
When bringing inside, place tree away from room heaters.
Keep well watered.
After Christmas, remove tree from warm house to cool garage or storeroom. Do not shock it by taking it from 75 degrees to freezing.
Keep well watered.
Replant on a mild day. (Many wait until early spring.)
Select a good growing area … good soil, well drained.
Plant tree a couple of inches deeper than the original depth.
Pack dirt tightly against roots.
Water sufficiently to settle in dirt.
Then mound dirt around tree to prevent freezing weather from hitting tree roots that might have been exposed.

*To make planting easier…You can dig your hole before the ground freezes. Cover the pile of dirt or keep in buckets inside your garage so it doesn’t freeze.